Crafting Workplace Conversations

In today's frantic workplace it's more important than ever to stop and have a breather over a beer and check in on a workmate.

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Creating a workplace environment that promotes connection, conversation and mental wellbeing has been shown to increased staff engagement and greater productivity. While we don’t claim to offer the latest behavioural science to transform the corporate mindfulness of your team, we can transform your standard Friday drinks into something that creates connection, conversation and encourages your staff to discuss topics even more important than the P&L. 

Order your monthly business package today starting from $100, and if after a one-month trial your CEO is not convinced we'll give you your money back. To discuss options or to find out more simply email Trevor at [email protected]

  For workplace resources on how to create a culture where people feel confident asking and answering the simple yet important questions around mental health visit

Workplace Case Study

Read how the Deepend Group have been crafting staff retention and mental health strategies around a few boxes of craft beers.

The idea of talking to people in the office about the stresses and strains you are feeling at any one time seems pretty natural and doing that over a beer appears even more comfortable. Emma Jane Granlesse- Deepend Group