Craft Beer Coopery

#LetsTalk Workshop

Learn The Skills To Make A Difference


The 90minute #letstalk workshop is designed to engage, educate, empower and encourage people to kick start conversations about Mental Health within their own circle of family and friends. 

Facilitated virtually by Trevor (Craft Beer Coopery) and hosted by Steve Gamble (Man Anchor), the workshop is run in a relaxed and inclusive environment where we help break down the perceived stigmas and barriers that have historically held people back from reaching out for help, or reaching out to help someone in their life.

Topics covered include:
  • Removing the perceived stigma and raising awareness
  • Breaking down barriers and creating opportunities
  • Normalizing the topic and language
  • Identifying triggers and knowing the signs
  • Tools to keep yourself on the good side of the mental health spectrum

    Given there are few better ways to learn together than with a beer in hand, the workshop includes: 

    • Tinnies for talking from Brick Lane Brewing
    • A beer snack from Do-Good-Labs
    • Man Anchor #Letstalk beer coasters
    Thursday 28th July
    7:00pm NSW, QLD, ACT, VIC, TAS. 6:30pm SA. 5:00pm WA

    Numbers limited. A Zoom link will be provided with your workshop pack.


    Note: This course is not a therapy or a support group.


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