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Recovery Convo Crate

Donate a Lismore Recovery Crate

The TV cameras have gone, the water has receded and the clean-up is well underway. But while the rest of us have moved on, for those impacted by the Lismore floods the mental scars remain.

So, to help in this time of need, we’ve partnered with Dr David Glendinning, a local Lismore Doctor, to distribute 100 Conversation Crates to lads that need to talk. Some are lads that lost their livelihoods, others are guys who almost lost their lives.  While other men are first responders that have seen too much.

To help us help these men, we're asking for your help. We are looking for 90 folks to donate a Recovery Convo Crate (at cost) and we’ll chip in to donate the additional ten to round out the 100.

Given there are few better ways to get the warm conversation going than over a cold craft this special Recovery Convo Crate includes.

  • The perfect selection of tinnies for talking
  • A Beer snack
  • Tasting notes
  • Man Anchor #Letstalk beer coasters
Gift a Beer. Save a Life. Give Now.

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