#Fridayfacts You have to break a few eggs too

We've all heard the saying, but why is it so hard to step beyond our comfort zone and really speak the truth about how we feel?

I seem to be great at both telling others, you, my mates, anyone that will listen to talk openly, yet I'm nowhere near as good at telling myself the same story...and even worse at actually doing it. I read this week that what Trump fears most is failure and falling from the lime light. And while it's easy for me to make a judgement call about his egotistic nature, deep down isn't that the fear that stops me, and many men from 'breaking some eggs'  

It’s time to overcome our fear and our pride and share all of our life with our mates...with eyes wide open that sometimes the eggs we break won't even end up as an omelet, but perhaps just on our face.