We're firm believers that 'you can't do life alone'. We more than understand that blokes are pretty much useless at small talk, however put two mates together with a beer in hand and the world’s problems will all be sorted in no time, or at the very least the beers will provide a little lubricant to share. And from there ...well, as they say, 'a problem shared is a problem halved'.
The goal of the Craft Beer Coopery is to provide that lubricant directly to the door, whether each month as part of the Beer Club, or with a Convo Crate to say 'hey mate I've got your back'.  It's true that oils ain't oils, so to ensure that you get the best lubricant to do the job right, we'll hand select the best of the best for you.


We believe that the key to positive change is talking about our mental health. It’s why we’ve collaborated with Man Anchor to provide the tools to kickstart and empower positive communication. After all, if you’re not feeling ok, or you are worried about a mate then it's time to talk.

The Craft Beer Coopery encourages consumption in moderation and acknowledges the negative impact that excessive alcohol consumption can have on individuals, their families and the community. Conversations do happen over a beer. When enjoyed in moderation this can be a great thing, and the ear of a mate can be a great gift.