Two red telephones, one in the White House, the other in the Kremlin, allowed Kennedy and Khrushchev to talk each other down from the brink of nuclear war! Perhaps now during such critical times, the best way to divert a crisis is to pick up the phone and check in on a mate over this ‘virtual’ cold craft.

Origin – Collingwood, Victoria
ABV- 4.2%
Size- 355mL can
Style- Summer Ale

Our Prime Minister Scott Morrison launched a full-scale dressing-down on Australians stripping supermarket shelves to hoard food and groceries during the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak. The PM demanded people to stop hoarding, declaring it 'un-Australian'. 'Stop it. It is not sensible, it is not helpful, and it has been one of the most disappointing things I have seen in Australian behaviour in response to this crisis', he said at the time.

Ironically, each day as we hoarded supplies, fearing we'd go hungry in lockdown, there were 3.6 million folks from around Australia finding themselves unable to afford enough food to feed themselves or their families. Crazily, they were going without even though across the country we were throwing away an unbelievable 5 million tonnes of perfectly edible food each day. Though the reasons behind this are complicated, the bottom line isn't – in short, we throw good food away while people go hungry.

That didn't make sense to Melbournians Nick, Chris, Hugo, Sam & Claudia, so late one night after sitting around imagining if every beer they ever had did a little good in the world, they decided to do something about it. A Local Beer was born, followed by a partnership with SecondBite, an organisation that rescues edible, nutritious food that's otherwise headed for the landfill and gives it to people who are struggling. The deal allows for the equivalent of one meal to be given to someone in need for every pint or six-pack they sell, which since launching in early 2018 has already provided over 10,000 of them.

We all know that craft lovers have big hearts, but it's been just as much their discerning palates that have drawn them to this Pacific Paradise. Showing its youth, much like its founders, it's a super sessionable pale with fresh aromas of melon, mandarin and orange, all of which continue through to tasting. The use of early harvested Amarillo hops provides a nice little hit of bitterness, while the light malt base keeps the approachable vibe very much front and centre.

Now might be a good time to grab few tins of baked beans from your 'in case of armageddon' stash and donate to them Foodbank. You'll then be able to raise a glass of this Pacific Paradise not only to a great cause but to doing good all by yourself.