Good health isn’t as simple as the old adage an apple a day. Even the great-granddaughter of ''Granny Smith'' who passed away at the ripe age of 101 said the secret to her longevity was friends rather than fruit. So, put down your apple, grab this ale and connect with a mate.

Origin – Batlow. New South Wales
ABV – 4.2%
Size – 330mL bottle
Style – Cider

January 3rd was a day like no other for Australia's apple capital, with the residents of the historic township of Batlow making the most challenging decision of their lives. Having already torn through 140,000 hectares, a firestorm descended on the town that the Rural Fire Service warned was un-defendable. With embers almost sure to set ablaze the pine plantation adjacent to the township they were told nothing could be saved.

As the sky turned orange as thick plumes of smoke surrounded the 1300-person town, a handful lads bunked down in the local pub, ready to work with the RFS to save what they could. With all the water already pumped out of the reservoir, and the beer taps dry, as the waited, fittingly they drank what would be the last keg of Batlow cider for some time. Due to heroic efforts, only 20 homes were lost. While homes and lives were saved, livelihoods that had been built over generations were razored. Animals, crops and significantly for the town that had been supplying the entire nation with apples since 1922, millions of apple trees were destroyed.

Despite overnight losing most crucial ingredient of their premium cider, Sam and Rich Coombes, the founders of Batlow Brewing Company, a joint collaboration between Batlow Apples and their Sydney based family business, first thought was for the wellbeing of the apple growers in the region. In the immediate aftermath, along with their own fundraising efforts, Batlow Brewing donated over 50 kegs of cider to help others do the same.

However, it's the long-term sourcing of apples that continues to have the most beneficial ongoing impact. With 3 ½ apples in every bottle, since launching in late 2011 Batlow growers have provided well-over half a million Pink Ladys, Fujis, Royal Galas and Granny Smiths. And with a growing range of offerings that now includes a Saison, Premium and this Cloudy Cider, the lads have no plans to stop turning Australia’s Favourite Apples into Australia’s Favourite Cider. So, what does it taste like to raise a glass to doing good? Think biting into a fresh crunchy apple straight of the tree at harvest time! As a traditional farmhouse style apple cider, the Cloudy has a bold apple sweetness up front, a refreshing body and a clean medium-sweet finish.

The most challenging decision you'll need to make is whether you can stop at just one.