Rebuilding an old pub from rubble is a big job. So is creating trust in which a mate feels he can talk to you about the feelings inside his head. But beer by beer, you can do it. Whether your mate is already a pile of rubble or still standing tall, share this beer and a conversation that can, and will save a life.

Origin – Royal Park, Adelaide
ABV – 6.4%
Size – 375mL can
Style – Indian Pale Ale

Look, it’s another pink dress and an oversized black jacket. Then there are the trousers plunging to new lows. What about the disco ball dresses with cut-outs that make any attempt at wearing underwear impossible. Even vintage clothing is becoming as familiar as men in high heels and freshly injected lips in the front row. On the Australian runaway, old fashion has returned to being popular.

Yet the concept of the old being new isn't, well, new. In fact, the quote itself, 'everything old is new again,' was first coined by 1700s author Jonathan Swift. A little over one hundred years later, poet and philosopher George Santayana essentially penned the same thing about face;  'those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.' Long before both, however, the higher power capture the sentiment perfectly: 'What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun' (Ecclesiastes 1:10).

And it's a trend not lost on the craft beer industry. Just look at the return of the lager. For so long maligned, now you find a new wave of them jostling for attention among the latest double dry-hopped oat cream IPAs on shelves and tap lists. Likewise, Big Shed is looking to the past to reinvent the future with this Single Hop IPA that has its roots at BrewCon 2019. Joining a select number of brewers invited to create a beer with an experimental hop variety, Big Shed went to work with the rarely seen (as yet) Kiwi hop HORT 4337. The result knocked people's socks off and put 4337 on the map. Now known as Nectaron, the team has revisited the hop with similar stunning results. Burnt orange in colour, there's an initial impression of candied oranges and stone fruit. In the mouth, apricot, peach and papaya join the aforementioned orange before finishing with notes of pine and a very light herbaceous character.

As you enjoy this well-balanced IPA, kick back and think about all the effort you will save from not having to pick out underwear when donning your low-riding jeans!