To ensure you're ready when the call comes, share one of these with a mate and together get your hours up in the flight simulator, so to speak!

Origin – Braeside, Victoria
ABV – 4.6%
Size – 375mL can
Style – Lager

The coronavirus pandemic altered every facet of our lives: the way we work, learn, eat and socialise. The many changes have caused us to reflect on life before COVID-19. Yet as we find ourselves longing for experiences we never gave much consideration to before, spare a thought for future year 12's – they'll never get to go wild on a P&O schoolie cruise! With the boarding pass to the adult world off-limits, at least for the next little while, unlike my school group and the thousands aboard with us, they will miss the opportunity to rock the boat for eight days of freedom at sea to celebrate the end of school.

Matt Houghton, the founder of Boatrocker, is nonchalant about my concern. 'I dreamt of travelling as a teenager', he shares, 'but it wasn't to Bali on a boat. Homebrewing from an early age, I'd muse about trips to Brugge, Boulder and Bavaria'. And when those musing became a reality for Matt, craft beer came to life. In a same same but different sort of way to my encounters on P&O the party boat, there were things from his travels that he couldn't un-see. Returning home, he knew he had to make craft beers that would open eyes and palates. Five years later, with a degree in brewing hanging on the wall and a new wife beside him, Matt & Andrea Houghton launched Boatrocker, with the desire to rock the boat on the bland! Besides getting judges' attention at beer awards, what set the boat rocking and tongues wagging was the couple's first purchase. Along with tanks and pumps, they ordered 60 wine barrels, ensuring first and foremost they could pursue Matt's passion for Belgian style ales and barrel ageing.

Almost a decade on, with one of the most extensive barrel ageing facilities in Australia, Boatrocker merged with WA distiller Hippocampus, uniting two of the country's top-rated producers under one roof. Though neither aged in barrel nor distilled, this Local Lager has been one of the team's most cherished creations. Intended to keep the boat afloat rather than rock it, it's a lager produced to support the local community during these different and difficult Covid times.

A classic crisp, clean and easy-drinking lager, it is ideal for sharing with a mate while solving all the world's problems, or post this spicy cough, a party a sea!