'I've been around the world, a couple of times or maybe more…. While I love singing along with the chorus from Home Among the Gum Trees, the line that I really like is 'Just you and me, a cup of tea.’ It reminds me of how important it is to sit down at talk. By all means have a conversation over a cup of tea, but if craft is more your thing, you'll be well served by this offering

Origin – Silverdale, Auckland, NZ
ABV- 6.5%
Size- 440mL can

There are few better pieces of Australian slang than ‘it sounds like you’re up the creek without a paddle mate’. Surely there is no response more suitable for when a mate says 'Oh man, I can't believe I've lost the recipe for the best homebrew I've ever made; that batch took me months and months to perfect!' In fact, that may well have been the exact conversation between mates Jarred MacLauchlan and Paul Brown. After spending their evenings creating flavour fueled brews which were tried, tested and enjoyed with friends and family in their backyard on Auckland's North Shore, the pair devised a plan to bring their beer to the public after a haul of home brewer awards.

Knowing nothing about hospitality, through a stroke of luck, the lads met Scott Taylor who had had a long and successful career managing and operating bars around Auckland.  They teamed up and in 2011 Deep Creek Brew Pub was born. It immediately went gangbusters. Head to the Brown's Bay pub – a 30-minute drive from Auckland's CBD – on a sunny day, and you can understand that statement. The spot is always heaving, with the outdoor tables facing the waters of Hauraki Gulf especially coveted.  Yet the lads were soon looking further than the water, and it was only a few short years before a production brewery and taproom was set up a short hop away in the suburb of Silverdale. That move got a massive boost when they won Champion Small International Brewery at the 2017 AIBA's.

Yet while recognition and reputation are important, today, as it was in the beginning, Deep Creek is all about doing beer a little bit differently. Influenced by the vast and varied flavours of craft beers around the globe, they are not afraid to adapt and experiment with beer styles to produce brews with more challenging profiles. Not the least of them is this Misty Miyagi. Like many of the brekkie juice like NEIPA’s, the malt takes a backseat, replaced with juicy and citrusy hop aromas, and flavours of mango, citrus and a hint of passionfruit. While there's a smoothness to the mouthfeel, the resinous nature of the hops lends the Misty a lean, dry and slightly bitter finish.

With a 2019 AIBA Champion Medium International Brewery trophy recently added to the silverware, these lads are seemingly up the creek with an outboard motor!