'I've been around the world, a couple of times or maybe more…. While I love singing along with the chorus from Home Among the Gum Trees, the line that I really like is 'Just you and me, a cup of tea.’ It reminds me of how important it is to sit down at talk. By all means, have a conversation over a cup of tea, but if craft is more your thing, you'll be well served by this offering

Origin – Bend, Oregon, USA
ABV- 5.0%
Size- 355mL can

Australian prime ministers have a lamentable record when it comes to giving members of the royal family a little squeeze. In 2014 Tony Abbott was caught carrying out that most heinous of protocol blunders when he gave Prince William a touch up in Federal Parliament. Yet that pales into insignificance compared to the loutish behaviour of then PM Paul Keating in 1992. He drove the Brits mad and created a media storm when on the steps outside our nations Parliament, he gave the Queen a little squeeze. It earned him the title ‘The Lizard of Oz’!

While it’s frowned upon for commoners, or even PM’s to handle royalty, not every little squeeze is to be avoided. A squeeze of sauce with your meat pie is essential. Another squeeze best not to shun is this Lil’ Squeezy from Deschutes Brewery. Pronounced ‘Deh-schutes' and named after the Deschutes River in the small, beer-loving city of Bend in Oregon, what started out as a little brewpub in 1988 now stands as the eighth-largest independent brewing company in the US. Since day one it has been a brewery deeply rooted in the community – 'we want people to feel like this is, in a lot of ways, theirs' said owner and founder Gary Fish when he pulled open the doors for the first time. And in many ways, that's the case now more than ever.

While Fish and his family are still the majority owners, the rest of the brewery belongs to the team working there, courtesy of an employee stock ownership plan that was put in play in 2013. Aside from its serious business sense – you don’t surpass three decades by winging it! –  Deschutes knows how to have fun. They celebrated 5,000 batches by throwing a party at the brewpub, featuring 30 different beers on tap! Of those taps, the first to run dry was the seasonally released Fresh Squeezed IPA. Due to popularity, the hazy IPA was promptly added to the core range. Mid last year, Deschutes introduced its kid brother, this Lil' Squeezy. Not only is it as mouthwateringly delicious, but is also better for you- take a close look at the can you’ll notice that it's gluten-free. Although not pouring quite as hazy as the big brother, the breezy blend of five juicy hops creates distinct aromas of citrus and tropical fruit. The taste follows the aroma with the addition of a lightly toasted malt base that’s balanced off with a touch of bitterness.

While it's likely Harry's already enjoyed a few, I'd be willing to bet even the Queen herself wouldn't mind a little squeeze from this 'Lil Squeezy.