Dust off the shaker, pick a few limes, track down some Glacé cherries and grab this cold crafted gin blend – it’s perfect for cocktail hour conversations.

Origin – Adelaide Hills, South Australia
ABV- 7.0%
Size- 275mL
Style- Gin meets Moscato

Duo's on the TV set are perfect examples of bringing two different things together to produce a better outcome – The bromance between the Joey and Chandler was the ideal mixture of opposite and the same; Jerry Seinfeld & George Costanza's ability to go back and forth on a topic that didn't matter to anyone for hours on end created some of the most fabulous conversations on TV; The tale of the dying teacher Walter White who dealt meth with one of his former slacker students Jesse Pinkman, was heart-warming! Two into one also created magic on the big screen. Wayne and Garth helped a whole new generation discover the joys of Queen and the band's rock ballad anthem Bohemian Rhapsody.

Though not something you'll see at your local, taking a duo of beers and creating a single outcome has been around for years within the walls of the breweries. It's a practice that is rapidly growing in popularity with the explosion of sours, lambics and barrel-ageing. Few breweries have done it better or longer than New Belgium - blending beer, whether it be for efficiency, romantic or experimental reasons, has always been in their DNA.

While I love a barrel-aged blend, I'm also partial to a craft gin. And, I certainly don't mind a good glass of the bubbles, particularly on a hot summer's night. So, when Will Simpson reach out to share with me that two of my go-to drinks had been blended into one, I was already sold! As avid lovers of gin and wine, Will and best mate Dan Khouzam thought what a crazy idea it would be to combine the two bold flavours. By adding the fresh taste of Adelaide Hills Moscato to the lustful flavour of gin, Ginscato was born.  Best poured over ice, this fresh new taste of summer blends the Moscato’s natural flavours of rosewater, lychee and crushed grapes, with the Juniper, Hibiscus and Elderflower infused gin. Dulling the excessively sweet taste of the Moscato and adding a noticeable bite from the gin, it delivers a deliciously drinkable RTD with bittersweet citrus notes.

Notwithstanding the duo works together perfectly, if I'm going to sit around discussing trivia all day in a bar where everybody knows your name, I'll be joining Norm and Cliff in a cold ale!