I couldn't care less. Good luck with that. Not my problem. There’s are a million ways to tell someone you don't give a damn. Yet there’s never been a more important time than now to give a rat’s arse, so grab this beer and check in on a mate’s emotional state.

Origin – Reservoir, Victoria
ABV – 4.2%
Size – 375mL can
Style – Lager

‘No Hawkers Welcome’. Before being replaced by the COVID-19 check-in QR code, it was a sign displayed on the front doors of shops and offices. Now whether he didn’t read it or just didn’t care, it didn’t stop Mazen Hajjar from peddling his wares in pursuit of building a Sydney network for his Beirut based craft brewer. After all, nothing could easily stop the former investment banker and war photographer from starting his 961 Beer brewery as Israelli missiles rained down around him during the July War against Lebanon. Nor the fact he hadn’t any real beer making knowledge.

Despite it all, with true grit and entrepreneurial spirit, Maz showed those around him the power of crafting beers rather than constructing weapons. Beers not bombs!  961 Beer was a hit and began exporting to 26 different countries within five years, including Australia. It was during one of those promotional trips to Australia that Maz both fell in love with and recognised the growth potential of our craft beer scene Down Under. So, not one to do things by halves, within 12 months, he had built one of the country's most significant production facilities and founded Hawkers. Then just to prove everything he touches turns to gold, two days after pulling open the doors, their first beer won the People's Choice at the Geelong beer festival. 

Much has changed since Hawkers 2005 launch, including a complete rebrand. The image of a man pulling a trolley of bottles as Maz had done in the early days was replaced with a Commonwealth Star. A combined reference to Hawkers’ all-star team and the former Lebanese immigrant’s new home.  Whatever the label on the bottle, the focus on converting the masses to independent beer though approachable and affordable craft remains consistent. The epitome of that modus operandi is the Rover sub-brand that includes an ale and this Gilbert Rd lager. Named after the main artery through Reservoir, Gilbert Rd is more or less a better version of a mainstream lager. Clean and crisp, there are floral, softly spicy aromas, gently malt characters and just a fraction of finishing bitterness.

While Hawkers has plenty of other offerings in the range for the craft connoisseur, this no-nonsense lager is the perfect refreshment after a long day, be that soliciting the stock of your start-up door to door or simply shoveling shit!