Beheadings by axe for crimes such as stealing a bottle of beer were popular public spectacles as late as the 1900s. Although it will no longer be for sneaking this beer, take a moment to check that there's nothing else happening in a mate’s life that he may be losing, if not his head, sleep over!

Origin – Katoomba, New South Wales
ABV – 7.4%
Size – 500mL can
Style – Oat Cream IPA

If the mountain won't come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain. So that is what they did. Packing up everything they owned, they set out for the beautiful Blue Mountains town of Katoomba to transform a dilapidated former local newspaper office built-in 1912 into the first brewpub in the region. And the people came! In mass! From all over to drink from DJ and Harriet McCready's beer Mecca on the mountain.

Despite Mountain Culture wholly being of their creation, DJ McCready is no stranger to transforming breweries into places where craft lovers come to spiritual worship. DJ was part of the team at Oskar Blue that revolutionised craft beer across the US and more recently helped Modus Operandi shoot to fame on the back of multiple award-winning brews. Given past accomplishments, it's no revelation the speed at which an unwavering countrywide fan base popped up and pushed Mountain Culture's first pale ale, the Status Quo, to Untappd's number one, and now sees thousands of online orders filled every week.

However, it's been the popularity within the community that's surprised both DJ and Harriet. "Since we opened in late 2019, the locals have been coming in here twice a week. I've been blown away. It's brought in a lot of people out that might normally fill the towns old pubs and dive bars." And they come, not to slam back as many beers as possible, but to belong. Despite renovations to modernise the space, they are greeted with a classic rustic feel that embodies that mountain's charm. High ceilings with exposed beams open the space up, while windows let in natural light. On a sunny day, they fill the back deck, sipping craft and taking in views of the mountains and valley below. With both local and coast to coast consumption, demand quickly outstripped supply. "In late 2021, we had to expand into a new production facility in Emu Plains just to keep up with demand", shares DJ. "It's a pretty cool problem to have, and it's allowed our Katoomba site to focus on our super experimental brews."

One such brew that fits squarely in that category is this 7.4%, Misadventure Man. Contrived by infusing an Oat Cream IPA with Sabro and Mosaic hops, the result is awash with aromas of citrus and stone fruits whilst imparting the flavours of creamy coconut and papaya. It's not an overstatement to suggest it's either worth going to them or moving mountains to get your hands on another!