It might not be time for a victory ale just yet, but this cold craft is perfect for sharing over a conversation with mate, as you recall the many times you’ve been punched in the face during these overwhelmingly difficult times.

Origin – Brookvale. New South Wales
ABV – 5%
Size – 330mL can
Style – Pale Ale

Call them sluggos, lolly bags, banana hammocks, or budgie smugglers, if there is one issue that can divide men more than if manscaping is socially acceptable, it's whether a pair of Speedos is appropriate swimwear for the beach. The main grievance of most is that they leave little to the imagination and potentially resemble – as a mate so succinctly suggested – 'cling wrap stretched across a meat tray'. But then again, so can bikinis, and not too many men are complaining about that!

After constant exposure a few years back to then Prime Minister Tony Abbott's love of the tiny man-sling, there's plenty in the anti-speedo camp. The owner and self-titled "Chief Smuggler" of Budgy Smuggler, Adam Linforth surprisingly isn't one of them – to be expected given he has skin in the game- boom tish! Another pair of lads who are fans of that minimal scrap of fabric are Adam's neighbours, Johnny Latta and Brooks Carretta of Nomand Brewing fame. As family-owned businesses and fellow Brookvale residents, both of which now exports to the rest of the world, it seemed logical to collaborate.

Lead by head brewer Brooks, the result of that collab is this beer that's beautiful both inside and out - a pale ale so popular that after release in late 2019 it was immediately added to the core range. Bulging with flavour, the Budgy Smuggler is an easy-drinking summer pale ale. Peel it open, and you can't miss the passionfruit, citrus and pineapple aromas that carry so beautifully through to the flavour profile.  Well balanced with a little malt and a touch of bitterness, it finishes crisp and clean. Arguably the only thing outrageous about it, and positively so, is the can design. They are sold in four-packs with four different labels based on four of the Budgy Smugglers' top-selling designs: Flaming Goes, Pink Fineapples, Rubber Ducks, and Wanchors (because that's obviously what watermelon anchors are called).

With their vivid works of art and mesmerising zing, a tinnie could well be the perfect distraction to take your mind off Tony's tiny fella –  some things can't be unseen!