To ensure you're ready when the call comes, share one of these with a mate and together get your hours up in the flight simulator, so to speak!

Origin – Brookvale, New South Wales
ABV – 4.5%
Size – 440mL can
Style – Session IPA

Long before the Covid pandemic sparked an unprecedented interest in the on-the-road lifestyle, Kerrie and Johnny Latta, the owners and founders of Nomad Brewing, realised they had travel in their DNA. Unlike some, their adventures didn't include spending months at a time travelling around Australia in a caravan, getting to know more camping sites than most have had cold beers. Instead, the wanderings for this husband-and-wife team revolved around trips to Italy to establish a beer distribution business.

Looking for new brands to import to our shores, they brokered a deal with Global Top 100 Brewer and the founder of Italy's Birra del Borgo craft brewery, Leonardo Di Vincenzo. It wasn't long before Leo followed his beers and jumped a plane to Australia for a 'tax-deductible' promotional tour. One junket led to another. Following a serendipitous meeting at the transit lounge in Singapore with Brooks Caretta, then head brewer at New York's famed Dogfish Head, the new team of four agreed to cash in their combined frequent flyer points to buy a few bits and pieces and start brewing in Australia. With the stars aligned and an all-star line-up of nomads in place, they found an empty warehouse in Brookvale, installed a brewery, filled the tanks and in 2014 opened the doors to Nomad Brewing.

The team followed the model that took Birra del Borgo to heady heights: Native ingredients, hybrid styles, modern twists on traditional European beers and creating session beers with fun additions. It’s a criterion that almost a decade is still used to produce the likes of this playful and refreshing Easy IPA. A quaffable craft, it’s light to the taste with a piney nose and a fresh bitterness. With the addition of Nelson Sauvin hops boasting a tropical palate of mango & lychee, it has all the goodness of an IPA in a classic 4.5% abv.

Going down as easy as the name suggests, it is just the sort of full-flavoured beer you can enjoy without the fear of motion sickness, be that at 30,000 feet or soon to be hitching up the van and hitting the freeway.