Good health isn’t as simple as the old adage an apple a day. Even the great-granddaughter of ''Granny Smith'' who passed away at the ripe age of 101 said the secret to her longevity was friends rather than fruit. So, put down your apple, grab this ale and connect with a mate.

Origin – Parramatta, New South Wales
ABV – 4.7%
Size – 375mL CAN
Style – Pilsner

Back when the colony was new, with a blow-in population too unschooled to grow food at Sydney Cove and too hopeless to fish from it like the original custodians, Parramatta saved us. Fertile and richly soiled, Parramatta was Sydney’s breadbasket. With her good bones, fine history and central locus, she grew to become a place like no other. Her main street stretched taut between a mighty river to the north and a great rail line to the south, an area that still encompasses a fine little square of heritage pubs, a grand park and an entire estate of colonial buildings equal to the Rocks. Parramatta had everything a good city needed – except a good brewery.

But when Riverside Brewing opened midway through 2012, everything changed, with the locals finally getting a brewery they could call their own. Situated amidst a fairly standard-issue industrial area containing trade warehouses on Darling Mills Creek, one of the Parramatta River's tributaries - which to be honest more closely resembles a stormwater drain - passers-by are given little indication of what's happening inside. But those who venture beyond the roller door of founder Stephen Pan’s microbrewery will discover a river of goodness flowing from the taps.

The line-up includes a range of classic ales including a summer, golden and amber, and limited releases such as the Othello's Curse Black Imperial IPA and the coveted 777. Evidently, what was once a trickle of walk-up sales is now a fast-flowing distribution network. Though it was Dave Padden, that went on to found Akasha Brewing in 2015, who got the river flowing, it's been the hands of Damian Iowa that has more recently been crafting Riverside's beers to their award-winning status, including this Brave New World pilsner that received a bronze medal at the recent Indies awards.

Using traditional German Spalt hops layered with the new world varieties of Ella and Chinook, Damian has delivered a superb thirst quencher with a classic crispness and balanced body. Earth and spice. Citrus and pine. Peppery bitterness. All stacked up on a mid-malt profile.

It’s perfect for those times when you just want to invite over a mate on a hot summer’s day and sit…well, down by the river.