Sharing a convo could be the shot in the arm that we all need. So, whether your chosen 'vaccine' is a pale or a pilsner, administer one with a mate

Origin – Marrickville, New South Wales
ABV- 4.6%
Size- 375mL can
Style – Hazy Pale Ale

I’m convinced that linguistic tall poppy syndrome is the reason why Aussies officially shrink more words than any other language. Of the 60+ languages across the globe, no other abbreviates as much as we do. A quick search relieved that there are over 5000 Australian diminutives – from "cushy" (cushion) and "dero" (derelict, for a homeless person) to "Cab Sav", "soy cap", "avo" and the gender-neutral "Firie." Many an inflated, smug, syllable-heavy word gets a quick snip with the Aussie verbal scissors to reduce it to a bonsai version of its former self. The characteristically Australian word ‘bloke’ actually once meant ‘man in charge’.  Who could be bothered to say the three syllables of ‘alcohol’ when you could simply say ‘sauce’.

Although we've taken it to another level, the Brits started it by being irrational enough to create words spelled differently, mean different things, but sounding the same. It's so ridiculous that they then had to make another word to describe the phenomenon. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to teach a six-year-old that 'know' and 'no' are merely homophones? Given that the Oxford dictionary definition of ‘source’ is 'the place that something starts at', in the instance of Sauce Brewing Co., arguably, the two should be labelled as synonyms!

Founded in late 2017 by the husband-and-wife team of Mike Clarke and Kate McBean, and with head brewer Mitchell Wirth at the wheel, it's a place where great sauce is born; the high spec state of the art Marrickville brewhouse, with all the automated mod cons, sees to that. The offering itself follows Mike's personal preference of hop-forward styles, such as the hugely popular Bubble and Squeak NEIPA, the Hop Sauce pale, and now this Caribbean Fog hazy. Yet while this Caribbean Fog is chocked full of hops, at 4.6% is fantastically light and easy drinking. Driven by the hop mix of Azacca and Amarillo, the haze is there in abundance. With a super cloudy appearance matching the smooth, juicy texture in the mouth, it contains all the tropical flavours you'd expect from the style.

With sauce this good, I'd suggest a trip to the source sometime soon!