Paddle Pops and pints! What I love about them both is how they bring us together. As is the case for this cracking craft.

Origin – Marrickville, NSW
ABV- 6%
Size- 330mL bottle
Style- NEIPA

If you only just discovered the New England Indian Pale Ale, or NEIPA for short, then you’re a little behind the times. The cool kids have been drinking this twist on the American Indian Pale Ale style for some time.

As the name suggests, this hazy, or juicy (or perhaps murky!) style comes from the New England region of the USA that popularised these brewing techniques. It all started with the Heady Topper, the cult beer made by The Alchemist that resulted in hop heads lining up days in advance for a chance to consume the golden liquid goodness. Granted it took a while for the style to make it to the second-most isolated country in the world (worth speaking of), with Batch Brewing Co. kicking things off with its Juicy as Phuck’ IPA.

Perhaps surprisingly, it made its way down under via the most isolated country in the world (worth speaking of), via Garage Project. It’s well known that New Zealand is famous for rugby, sheep, the Haka, and that funny accent, but what’s not so recognised on this side of the ditch is the Kiwi's favourite ice cream, the Fruju. Yet, it’s this best-seller that Stockades Mr Fruju pays homage to. Just like the FruJu itself, with its intense fruit flavours, head brewer Daniel Fardon has loaded up his tribute in a bottle to deliver an array of tropical notes from pineapple to pear, passionfruit to papaya. Distinct to IPAs, NEIPAs have the hops added during the whirlpool to get the highest concentration possible – a method that Fardon has nailed on this Mr Fruju with its six-hop mix. Pouring with a significant haze and a velvety mouthfeel, after getting beyond the first sip reminding you of freshly squeezed breakfast juice, you’re hit with a mix of tropical fruits leaving your taste buds in an endless state of joy. Balanced perfectly, it provides lingering juicy notes without the bitter bite.

Love them or think them overrated, there’s simply no denying these hazy and juicy IPAs are here to stay …or as the lads from Flight Of The Conchords would say, ‘they’re beach as bro’!