Rebuilding an old pub from rubble is a big job. So is creating trust in which a mate feels he can talk to you about the feelings inside his head. But beer by beer, you can do it. Whether your mate is already a pile of rubble or still standing tall, share this beer and a conversation that can, and will save a life.

Origin – Adelaide, South Australia
ABV – 6.8%
Size – 375mL can
Style – Indian Pale ale

‘It was THIS big', Chris Vasileyski, a recreational fisherman, told The Age about the famous catch that would not be the one that got away. Caught off the coast of Portland in Victoria's south-west last month, the largest tuna hooked in Australian waters weighed in at a whopping 122 kilograms! Before slicing up the monster, Chris snapped a photo as evidence that it was no fishy tale. Unlike this illustrious angler, a bunch of Adelaide mates hope it's a much smaller fish that might bring them fame and fortune.

As with plenty of local brewing company origin stories, Tiny Fish starts at home, specifically that of head brewer Brett Whiting. After finding his grandfather's old brewing notes rolled up in a rusty Coopers tin, Brett built a simple brew kit and began experimenting. Word quickly spread among his friends that his brews were pretty tasty, and before long, he'd been coerced into taking his recipes to a grander scale. First, however, Brett needed to enlist a crew to bring this dream to life. Over time, the Tiny Fish team grew to include friends bringing expertise in manufacturing, marketing, sales and, most importantly, feedback during the tasting process.

While the long-term plan is to open a brewery and taproom – surely somewhere down by the water? – for now, the crew are spreading the word and growing the brand as they contract brew. Thus far, the range consists of a pale, hazy and this black IPA that is anything but tiny! Tropical fruit and burnt toffee are on the nose, with a slight nuttiness as you take your first sip. Dark roasty notes then linger alongside classic IPA pine and resin flavours, making you want to dive in again and again.

Being a Scotsman, John West didn't mind a tipple…and given the standout profile of this Tiny Fish, it’s one that he would do anything but reject!