A beer perfect beer for sharing as we climb the mental health mountain, bridging the great divide that results in so many not seeking help early.

Origin – Armidale, NSW
ABV- 4.3%
Size- 335mL can
Style- Pale Ale

Rural craft brewers are leading the beer industry's movement towards conscious, ethical… and now with faux fur stubby holders cradling cruelty-free frothies! With initiatives such as removing themselves from the power grid, turning the tap off on water wastage, and connecting one on one with their local villages, they are working tirelessly to make sure our grog is going green. Like many of their counterparts, it was more than just a buzzword for Welder's Dog founders Tom Croft, Daniel Emery and Phil Stevens.

Joining forces with Wee Waa farmers Corie and Nicole Piper, what started as a conversation about a mutual love of craft beer saw them form a relationship between grower and brewer. It's a link that's allowed drinkers to trace the journey from the farm to the final product. 'Our locals were very forthright', remarks Tom. 'We heard what they were saying and wanted to give even those who'd been rusted on to the big players a reason to come. With craft beer not the traditional tipple of the man on the land, supporting local producers was more than just doing own bit for mother nature.' Indeed for the trio, having complete control of the product from the paddock to the pint was just as much about good global citizenship as giving back to the New England region that embraced them when opening the doors in 2014.

As evidence that it wasn't a momentary undertaking, they still stand behind that commitment over half a decade on. Tom and the team still present punters with full traceability of their grain, be they sharing a pint at the Welder's bars in Tamworth or Armidale or picking up a takeaway from the production brewery attached to the latter right back to farm and field. With each location exhibiting distinct flavours, it's a practice that sees them making different batches featuring slight tweaks to the malt bill to draw attention to the importance and impact of local agriculture on the beers they brew. It's an approach used to full effect in seriously fresh APA. The unique grain variety provides a rich and vibrant malt base on which a hefty dose of new world American hops builds layers of stone fruit and citrus.

Finishing with a balanced bitterness, it's a 5% ABV delight that you can confidently drink, knowing you're saving the planet, one fresh brew at a time.