#FridayFacts Flat not Phat

Regardless of how special the day, sometimes we are overcome by a flat feeling. It may be a result of a particular event or life situation. It also may be that there is no obvious explanation - We just don’t feel the joy in the moment that everyone else is posting about, we just lack an appetite to sing the praise of the day . We struggle to shrug off our lethargy.

This can, of course, be symptomatic of a depression that might need some specialised help. But it can just be a mood, a heaviness, a greyness brought on by difficult circumstances.

If we feel like that let’s not put on pious pretence, or a superficial cheeriness. Let’s share with a mate how we feel and then let’s hang on, cling to life. While there’s nothing at all Gramable about that, let’s remember we’ll be PHAT again soon enough.