#FridayFacts. Harden Up. Really???

How many times have we held those words ‘harden up’, especially towards the lads? From the school playground to the sporting arena, to our everyday jobs, it seems we are all supposed to pride ourselves on starring down our problems without flinching.

The problem with this theory is what happens when we do need help? When all our armour and a steely gaze isn’t enough for the problem that life throws at us. And if nothing else, it's times like this that reminds us first-hand that we will, and we do, go through some tough times in life.

Rather than bottle it up, and put on a facade, let’s admit, in fact, let’s celebrate our weakness. Let’s remind ourselves and tell others that it’s ok not to be superman or superwomen, that it’s ok not to be ok. Then let’s support our friends rather than leaving them that way.