#fridayfacts. Love is mundane, ordinary and unexceptional

We often get confused about what loving others actually looks like.

In the movies, it’s portrayed as grand and noble gestures entailing great sacrifice, such as taking the bullet for another- putting our lives on the line to rescue them from certain death. Or it’s a heroic effort to care for a wounded person whilst ignoring our own woundedness.

While all this is part of the fabric of love, in everyday life it’s more like the little things we do for others - a phone call to check-in, a hand to fix a mate’s bike, a meal for some friends that have just had a baby, a card or small gift to let a mate whose having a hard time know you think about him, or even a small encouraging Facebook comment for someone you know that might need it.

In real life, love is mundane, ordinary and unexceptional, but it’s exactly the sort of love we need to give and receive

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