#fridayfacts Is your legacy mates or money?

Each of us will leave a legacy of some sort behind us when we draw our last breath. Many think of money or property, but surely the best legacies are found not in bricks and mortar but in flesh and blood?

It’s a great question to ask ourselves when we seem too busy with work, to busy accumulating things for ourselves, to check-in or care for a mate. Materially poor people can leave rich legacies. Materially rich people can leave poor legacies. I suggest ours is best measured in terms of the richness and depth of the love we’ve shown to others.

Today, I’m reminding myself in the busyness of all the things I need to do and all the work that ‘must’ be done, that I’d like to be remembered in my small world because of the time I’ve spent shaping and reshaping the lives of my mates, not the money I’ve made.