#FridayFacts It’s always darkest before the dawn

I’m not a morning person, never have been and I REALLY didn’t like getting up at 5 am this morning -it was dark and cold, and I was wishing I was someplace else…. like back in my nice warm bed.

Yet as I was out on the road with a few mates and that big orange ball came up over the horizon, shining its first light on my face, I realise why I made the effort against my overwhelming desire at the time. I pushed on at 5 am despite how it felt at that moment because I knew what lay ahead.

I’m not sure about you, but it’s a pattern I must remember for the seasons of life like this when the darkness comes and seems to be staying for an eternity. When every ounce of your being wants to give up, and every emotion inside you wants to give in, we must push on by continuously reminding ourselves that these hard times won’t last, they are not forever.

As hard as it is, we can and we must live in the present, in light of a brighter future.