#FridayFacts Let go of your balls

A mentor in my youth used to tell me ‘you need to take life by the balls- take hold of each day and mould it’

Problem with it is that we can’t ultimately control anything, not the day nor the surrounding circumstances. Seeking to do so, and trust me I tried for decades, leaded to frustration, anxiety and ultimately depression. Life simply does not and cannot conform to our demands. We cannot take life by the scruff of the neck and twist it into the shape we desire.

The better way of approaching each day is to admit that we are often weak and helpless, and reach out to others to help us on our journey, understanding we don’t always have to be the strongest or smartest person in the room, so to speak. We have no need to march into each day feeling like supermen or superwomen. We are neither.

All my experience, all that grab life by the balls did for me was to leave me swollen balls!