#FridayFacts. Peace in their presence

Mind control has a sinister implication Someone, somewhere, is trying to brainwash us. But it need not be so threatening. It’s actually helpful to direct the mind towards what is good and right rather than on what is harmful or wrong. It doesn’t mean we disregard unpleasant realities. It simply means we don’t dwell on them. It is one thing to acknowledge the darkness: it is another thing to live in it.

But if only it were so easy to tell ourselves the better story, to choose to look for the good even as we acknowledge the not so good. I’ve been reminded again this week by the Mental Health Wolf to speak up and ask friends for help to control the negative thoughts – to talk to and spend time with mate who can point me in the right direction, a mate that can lift me up.

Wonderfully, I’ve found simply their presence can give me peace even when things aren’t very peaceful.