#FridayFacts Sometimes there are no words.

A mate may be in pain, he may be utterly fatigued, he may be totally confused, anxious or struggling. We know that in the situation we ought to say something meaningful, encouraging, loving, or even at least something motivating. But the words don’t come. Or if they do come, they are jumbled and make no sense. And all this may cause us to despair at our lack of helpfulness.

The good news is that the effectiveness of our words, or the clarity of our message matters little. Of course, on many occasions we will know what to say. But for those times when we are incapable of thinking what to convey, let alone getting it to speech, we need to remember just being there, sitting shoulder to shoulder, talking about anything at all can, and does make the world of difference.

Just because our words might fail us doesn’t not mean we fail to make a difference to mate in need.