#FridayFacts. Washed out isn’t washed up

Life circumstances can cause us to feel all washed out. Weary and worn and sad. It may not be just one crisis that brings this about. It may just be ongoing frustrations and anxieties. For a while, at least, those feelings of joy belong to another world, another reality.

As so many of us have experienced in the past few years, life can throw enough at us that even the otherwise young and healthy get washed out - times when all the self pep talks and motivational podcasts can’t help us pull ourselves up by our bootlaces. And while a short holiday or a good night’s sleep can help ease our tiredness, the mental fatigue remains.

We need help, and that help has to come from outside. Today, I’m reminding myself that reaching out to a mate for support isn’t about weakness but rather weariness. And with the help of those mates, I can be sustained when feeling washed out… ensuring it doesn’t end in being all washed up.