#FridayFacts. We All Live With Limitations

Every one of us has a “but” in our lives. Your mate with the job that makes all the money struggles with perfectionism. That friend with the fantastic wife wonders if his memories of abuse from his father growing up will sabotage his marriage. That old guy you know who seems to have it all together is haunted by his son’s repeated suicide attempts.

We all have that and that, but battle with this. And we need to recognise these “buts” in our lives. The things that cause us to limp and not run. The things that flood our memories, causing us sleepless nights. The things that have a clammy hold on us that we just can’t shake off.

I’m reminding myself today that I might have my shit together one day, but for now, I’m not what I want to be. And that it’s ok to live with these limitations, it’s ok to talk about them, and it’s ok to seek help.