#fridayfacts. We are all on a journey, and it's not a solo one.

We need each other. Community, friendship and love can help us avoid the danger of drowning. It can help us hold on when we feel like letting go; it can help us see the light in the darkness.

But we have to admit it doesn’t always work out like this. Sometimes friends, partners, and families are part of the problem- perhaps even more evident now that we are living with them 24/7. But perhaps we shouldn't be so surprised, given, like us they too can break at times.

While we are entitled to have some expectations, but let's not expect too much of them. Let's understand their limitations. 

Though our support networks may not be perfect, let's not withdraw and think we can do it on our own, rather let’s be committed to a mutual obligation of helping each other in the ups and downs, to giving and receiving even our imperfect love.