#FridayFacts. Hope is believing, holding out its hand in the dark.

We all know the proverb, seeing is believing. Though often I’ve found myself needing to believe without first seeing.

It seems such a simple concept, we don’t see the sun during the night and yet believe it will come again in the morning. Yet when it comes to controlling our emotions it’s not as easy as it sounds and in the darkness of life sometimes we struggle to believe that the light will come. And while we don’t know when that light will come, we must hold out hope that it will.

In common usage, hope is like wishful thinking. I hope it will be nice weather when I go on holidays; I hope I get a pay rise this year; I hope my team wins the grand final. But the hope that we need for our life’s journey needs to be more than that. Our hope needs to be a confident expectation that we will make it. A hope we will overcome, that we will make it happen, that we are going will get there... even though we don’t yet experience what we confidently expect will happen.

Hope is believing, holding out its hand in the dark.