Tips for supporting your mental health during COVID-19

As the months of living with COVID19 roll on, it is completely understandable that some people within our community will be feeling fatigued and experiencing higher levels of stress. It is important that we address this before the stress and anxiety grow to distress or crisis. Here are some simple tips for helping a mate and continuing to look after yourself.

Stay Connected

Social distancing does not equate to social isolation, just like in more positive times staying connected and communicating with friends and family is key to supporting positive mental health.

Tip: Be creative in how you connect with friends and family like virtual coffee or drinks.

Stay Active

The power of exercise is truly amazing and is key to a healthy mind. It relieves tension and stress, boosts physical and mental energy and enhances well-being through the release of endorphins.

Tip: Physical exercises such as a 15-minute walk or yoga.

Limit News Feeds

It is important to stay connected to information regarding the pandemic however we need to be mindful that constant barrage of negative media can have a negative effect on you and your family’s mental health. The continuous feed of information can cause distress and anxiety which will impact your ability to think in a proactive manner.

Tip: Set yourself a time (once or twice) in the morning and evening to watch the news.

Knowing the signs

Mental illness affects a person’s thinking, emotional state, behaviour and physical wellbeing. If these changes and symptoms last longer than a few weeks or impact the person’s ability to function or carry out daily activities, it is recommended that they
seek professional support.

Tip: Having open and transparent conversations about the impact of the pandemic can allow you to identify subtle changes in your own and others mental health.

Reach Out

Like most health-related illness early intervention is the key to preventing someone from becoming unwell and this is the same with your mental health. The easiest place to start is to reach out to your friends and family, together you can seek the support of a health professional such as your local GP.

By Steve Gamble - Founder of Man Anchor

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