Taking a class in how to sew I proved to myself you can teach an old dog new tricks. A little education was all that was needed. Perhaps it's been a while since you talked with a mate. Maybe you never have. Either way, it's never too late to learn. Crack one of the 'educational aids' from this box with a friend and give it a go.

Origin – Banyo, Queensland
ABV – 5.8%
Size – 375mL can
Style – Indian Pale Lager

Suddenly there is a commotion, and a nude woman runs right before them. I refer, of course, to the climactic moments of the recent Superbowl. When reporters asked the young woman why, Kimberley Webster explained, 'because I wanted to be the first in the NFL, like Ozzie O'Brien' She was, of course, referencing the founding father of streaking, our very own Michael O'Brien. On 20 April 1974, at Twickenham, England was playing France in a Test when the Victorian with quite a few beers on board suddenly had an idea. Why not, at half-time, shed his clothes, jump the fence, run like a mad thing onto the pitch, and touch the far fence? His mate bet him 10 pounds he wouldn't do it. O'Brien bet he would. Deal? Deal!

What happened next is captured right here on this cracking IPL, with all the biting hop character of a West Coast and the refreshing crispness of a lager. 'It's a tribute not only to O’brien but to all those that have gone all in', shares Harley Goodacre, the founder of All Inn Brewing. Naked as the day he was born, O'Brien set off on his way into the pages of history. Of course, the English bobbies gave chase. He was eventually brought down by a superb tackle near that far fence by a Police Constable – 'Allo, allo, allo, what 'ave we got here?' O'Brien explained the bet, and at least the kindly constable allowed him to touch the fence before famously taking off his helmet to cover our man's genitals and escorting him down to the station. The crowd cheered as he was led from the field, just as I’m sure you will for this memorial in a can.

Loaded with Galaxy and Comet hops, it features heavy flavours of grapefruit peel and resin tied in with lighter tropical fruit notes before finishing with a nice slap* of bitterness. It's dry, lean and clean, with just enough malt presence to bring a touch of sweetness to the proceedings.

*With the naked leaping man on the label, the word "slap" suddenly seems obscenely suggestive… or perhaps I've had a few too many of these IPLSs?