When we take time to support a mate’s emotional state, it triggers a similar behaviour directed toward those around them, which in turn triggers those folks to do the same. By sharing this craft, you will help the first domino to fall in the removal of mental health stigma.

Origin – Capalaba, Queensland
ABV – 13.0%
Size – 375mL can
Style – Pastry Stout

The smash-hit comedy Bruce Almighty stars Jim Carrey as a regular guy who receives the powers of God after complaining too much about life. Before getting his comeuppance, Bruce runs a mock, using his all-powerful abilities to torment his work rival, teach his dog to use the toilet and look up women's dresses! While many of us have had moments when we've thought about how much better life would be if we were in charge just for a day, much like Bruce, Ross Kenrick found himself holding the keys to the kingdom after taking over the reins of Bacchus Brewing.

Thought his dominion was restricted to within the four walls of the brewery that was named after the Roman God of strong drink (he's often referred to as the God of wine, but we all know he'd love a good barrel-aged stout if he could get his divine hands on one), he's wasted no time in putting his incomparable powers to good use. It's omnipotence that to date has seen the creation of around 2,000 unique releases. Bought by the Kenrick in 2010, the brewery's previous life as a brew-your-own-beer business is the origin of the small but distinctive brewing setup that enables the God-like sovereignty to produce not just new but increasingly out-there beers.

 Brewing up to 12 different beers a day, the Capalaba brewery stocks a fridge that contains between 60 and 80 unique beers at any given point, augmenting the rotating line-up on tap. Notwithstanding that some of those offerings provide the simple pleasure of a standard beer that you could find at a local pub, its Bacchus' reputation for indulging customers with super limited obscure crafts is unequalled. Indeed, Ross and the team were regularly brewing dessert beers and pastry stouts before bottle shops started resembling sweet aisles! Enter this decadent and smooth Persian Princess. Described by Kenrick as Turkish delight in a can, the upfront cocoa aromas are joined by a sweet, enticing floral fragrance. Soft and silky on the palate with a sweetness that carries through, it finishes where it started with lingering chocolate notes coated in rose and sugary goodness.

Fortunately for this mortal, you don't need to be a God to get your hands on such heavenly nectar!