When we take time to support a mate’s emotional state, it triggers a similar behaviour directed toward those around them, which in turn triggers those folks to do the same. By sharing this craft, you will help the first domino to fall in the removal of mental health stigma.

Origin – Miami, Queensland
ABV – 5.6%
Size – 375mL can
Style – Hazy Pale Ale

For decades cop shows have been a TV institution. From Netflix to Channel Nine, they grant a distraction that offers some sense of order and justice in a world filled with chaos, uncertainty, and injustice. While I love classics like Starsky and Hutch, where the bad guy usually gets his due, I much prefer a gritty series that raises complicated questions about the criminal justice system - like The Shield, where the cops solved crimes by killing people and selling drugs. And that seemed to work pretty well! Yet, during my recent period of isolation, it was the reruns of Miami Vice that I couldn't stop binge-watching. Donning Rolex's, Ray-Bans and pastel-coloured blazers, Sonny and Rico cruising the mean streets of Southern Florida seemed just as iconic today as it no doubt was in the late '80s.

I'm not sure if it was an appreciation of the Miami lawmen or simply the Miami location of the brewery, but everything from the eye-catching soft pink pastel paint selection to the relaxed, chilled vibe screams Miami Vice. The brainchild of beer-swilling buddies Jarrod Blanning and Joe Lister and brewer John Walz, the trio opened Lost Palms Brewing in 2017. Having created a beer oasis in the seaside hub of Miami, locals fill the place from Thursday through to Sunday. Unlike others in the region's craft-brewing circle, Lost Palms' taps are filled with fun, bright and easy-drinking session beers and sours such as the Hibiscus Guava Sour Ale or the 300 Days Summer Ale. The latter is an ode to the average number of days of Sunshine the Gold Coast region enjoys.

The latest offering to meet the effortless drinking archetype is this limited-edition Talle Daze. Perfect for a day on the sand at its namesake Tallebudgera Beach, Walz perfectly blends Cascade, Galaxy and cryo-Citra Hops to dish up a Hazy packed with aromas and flavours of pineapple and tropical fruits offset by a stunningly drying finish.

While it is best enjoyed wearing an Italian sports coat, white linen pants, and slip-on sockless loafers with Glock on hip, boardies and thongs will suffice also!