Our dogs will be there in the most challenging times of life. To ensure the same could be said of us, grab this craft, start up a conversation, and be a man's best friend

Origin – Currumbin, QLD
ABV- 6.5%
Size- 375mL can
Style- Pale Ale

For $28,000, you can have yourself cryogenic preserved once declared legally dead. Interestingly enough, the Cryonics Institute makes the point that 'legally' is distinct from, ‘absolute final death'! If that seems a little morbid, pricey, or just far to future thinking, you can use a similar cryogenic process to 'freeze away stubborn fat pockets' at Elite Body Contouring.  For only $500 a session, Elite will take your fat cells down to -6 degrees, effectively killing the cells, with the promise to reduce your excess kilograms by at least 40%.

Cryogenics is also a technique recently introduced to the brewing industry. As brewers continue searching for extra fruitiness in their IPAs and hazys, they have turned to ‘cryo’ hops to deliver those additional flavours, aromas and the accompanying bitterness. By freezing hop cones with liquid nitrogen to essentially separate the tasty bits from the green stuff outside, the same amount of hop can now deliver twice the potency. Not surprisingly, the four most prominent names in the world of surfing and one ex-concreter from Canberra have been early adopters. Again proving Balter is looking to future beer trends, rather than where they sit now. 

Being gifted a box of Cryo Mosaic from Yakima Chief Hops in late 2020, Head Brewer Hargrave began experimenting, mixing them with various batches of different beers to see its impact on the profile. Satisfied with the substantial influence achieved, he went all in.  Launched in early 2021, he gave the Cryo Mosaic hop a shot as the headline act, creating a limited release West Coast IPA aptly named Cryomofo. Following in its footstep is this second beer in what Balter has said is a four-release series, all playing with certain hero hops around different malt and yeast profiles. The CryoHaze uses the same hero hops and the Mofo, but they show up juicier in taste and scruffier in appearance. Packed with flavour, there’s a combination of tropical fruits - guava, passionfruit and berries - along with whiffs of sweet bubblegum, all layered on a dank backbone of resin-like bitterness.

At only $25 a 4-pack, you'll be left with plenty of change to cryo away those craft induced love handles!