Grab this beer, turn the dial up to 11 and get angry about the really important things in life, like the state of mental health.

Origin –Adelaide, South Australia
ABV- 5.5%
Size- 375mL can
Style- Red Indian Pale Ale

With veterans like Iron Maiden having run their course and poodle-hair pop-metal icons such as Motley Crue having to contend with dire album sales, it looks as if the hard-rockin' genre might be low on gas, as pop rock dominates the airwaves. As of last week, only one metal album resided in the Billboard charts. Twisted Sister is blaming it all on Clive Palmer, who they say ruined their heavy metal image by ripping off the bands hit anthem We're Not Gonna Take It for his political advertisements. Whoever's to blame, metal is in disarray.  It's a fact that Paul Sparkes has known for some time.

Despite 15 years of writing music, recording albums and relentless gigs, he was left with little to show for it. So, on the 1st of March 2012, with no option but to fall back onto his old I.T. job, Paul headed to Adelaide's iconic Earl of Leicester to drown his sorrows. But rather than knocking off a dozen beers, he was knocked off his feet by a new style of beer called craft.

Literally changing the course of his life, Paul set forth from that day with the energy of a one-armed drummer to learn everything there was to know about his newfound passion. It started with enrolling in a brewing course with industry legend Stephen Nelson, followed by work experience roles at Mismatch and Pirate Life. Next, Paul enrolled in an International Brewing Diploma. One degree, a few years and a bunch of beer festival awards later, Paul took it to the next level.

Combining his old passion with the new, in mid-2020, the death metal inspired Beer No Evil was born. Launching four beers in quick succession, Paul's Single Hop IPA quickly captured industry heavy weights' attention. Yet arguably, it is this Red IPA, which won him his first gold medal, that is Beer No Evil's 'lead singer'.

Named after the Melodic Death Metal band, the Eye of Horus, is a English style malt-driven IPA that, pardon the pun, is a hell of a lot less aggressive than its namesake. Complex without being overwhelming, the hops share the stage with the specialty malt bill. The pine and resinous characters set the scene upfront before giving way to a caramel sweetness and a long lingering bitterness.

Aching to crank the basement stereo and declare your self-worth the old-fashioned way? You've found your beer!