Sharing a convo could be the shot in the arm that we all need. So, whether your chosen 'vaccine' is a pale or a pilsner, administer one with a mate

Origin – Adelaide, South Australia
ABV- 3.5%
Size- 375mL can
Style – Pilsner

James shared with us in his writings during Biblical times that 'just a small spark can ignite a great forest fire, so the tongue, a small part of the body can make grand speeches.' Though while it wasn't Jesus' brother that inspired this team of social activists with religious fervour to spark change and transform our nations way of thinking, it is through tempting our tongues – or taste buds to be exact – that Sparkke calls us to join them in making our voices heard on issues that matter.

Founded by Rose Kentish and Kari Allen, Sparkke is proudly led by women, but not just for women. Fed up with the old boys club, in 2017, the pair set about creating a new kind of club, where, in Kari's words, 'everyone - gender, mind or taste - has a seat at the table. Even in a bar'. Although the bar itself, the Sparkke At Whitmore, wouldn't open until early 2019, through contract brewing Rose and Kari immediately set about using every can sold to spark essential conversations where they need to happen – with friends, family and lovers; at parties, political functions, or at home. Ever-changing to reflect the current social climate, the callouts on each can range from consent with the provocative line 'Hottest Sex Tip Ever? Ask, Baby, Ask!', to calling out gender equality with the slogan 'Girls Just Wanna Have Funding. We've Got A Daversity Issue' and this 'R-E-S-P-E-C-T. All We're Asking…' supporting the call to end racism.

However, not only are they encouraging the nation's drinkers to spark change, but they are also quick to practice what they preach, to date donating well over $100k in-value, in-kind and in financial support. Yet, underneath the message are, of course, the drinks. And with the help of ex Young Henrys brewer Agi Gajic, and the more recently appointed head brewer Carla Naismith, the team sees to it that the contents inside are as uncompromising as the call-outs on the outside, on show in this easy-drinking classic pilsner. The dry hopping of NZ-grown Wai-iti and Wakatu hops results in a new-world pilsner that draws inspiration from its Czech ancestry with a 21st-century punch. Despite being mid-strength, it’s packed with a fruity, citrusy aroma and a solid creamy mouthfeel.

To quote the girls, ‘Now it's a good thing everyone’s checking out our cans!’