Whilst it might be some ore that’s financially holding up Australia's reputation as the lucky country, it’s through sharing conversations over ales such as this that we can hold up mates during such an unlucky time for so many.

Origin – Burswood, Western Australia
ABV – 6.5%
Size – 375mL can
Style – New England India Pale Ale

It seems the magic glitter dust has wafted on the breeze and encased the world in a great, big, enchanted unicorn group hug. There are cakes, coffee, clothing and - to prove it’s not just a fascination reserved for little girls and women who wish they were little girls again - beer: earlier this year, Bad Shepherd released Unicorn Ale which sold out in record time. It's enough to make you wonder whether the magical one-horned beasts might once have existed!

While Blasta may have proven to be as popular as the mythical creature, it’s a Scottish heritage that underpins this 100% family-owned and independent outfit. The brewery's name is Gaelic for delicious and the unicorn logo that forms the centrepiece of each can is Scotland’s national animal. Having migrated to Perth from Edinburgh, creating a culture around the Scottish spirit of community was at the forefront when Steve Russell founded Blasta in 2018. It’s that spirit which has seen them form a community hub around the brewery, serving coffee and breakfast early, followed by lunch, before then moving on to the harder stuff. It’s also a passion that extends beyond the four walls with Steve and the team giving back to the neighbourhood, both through charity work in local schools and the ongoing support of Youth Focus – a mental health support facility for young people situated a few doors down from the brewery.

Though the vision may be all rainbow sparkles and giving back, the beers themselves are fashioned around the original version of the unicorn – the fierce creature with the head of a stag, the feet of an elephant and the tail of boar! Given the six medals and four trophies, including the coveted Trophy for Champion Beer they walked away with from the recent 2020 Perth Royal Beer Awards, it’s a direction that’s served them well. Two of those medals, a bronze and silver fell to this Son of a Beast.

First brewed early this year as a limited release, this NEIPA is back by popular demand. It welcomes you with massive aromas of tangerine, pineapple, citrus and orange sorbet, the result of intense kettle and dry hopping. The mouth follows the nose with tropical breakfast juice like characters that are synonymous with the style, although the masterstroke lies in the Son of a Beasts’ enticingly velvety mouthfeel and soft bitter finish.

With liquid seduction like this, you'll no longer need the naked breasts of a virgin to lure unicorns from the magical forest!