Behind all the wisecracks was men are falling through the cracks of life. We must change that! Next time we meet with a mate rather than hiding our feelings behind the jokes, let’s share one of these and openly talk about our blackdogs.

Origin – Dandenong, Victoria
ABV – 6.7%
Size – 375mL can
Style – Indian Pale Ale

Having forged his way through avalanches and strong winds, Australian Bob Killip was stopped in his tracks 300 metres below the 29,029-foot summit of Everest by the freezing and barely alive Brit David Sharp. In the darkness of the frozen night, Killip took a quick look and continued on. That day 40 climbers passed Sharp, and all made the same decision to leave him. No one knows when he died, but he died alone. That is the reality of the world's tallest mountain. Now transformed from a jagged, inhospitable beast full of romance to the exclusive climbing hotspot it is today. Coming to the mountain is now a multimillion-dollar industry. 'The whole attitude has become quite horrifying,' says Hillary. 'Human life is more important than getting to the top.'

Although he is referring to a different type of mountain, it's a sentiment shared by Brick Lane Brewing founder and MD Paul Bower. Like all MD’s Bower’s aim is to get to the top, but with a stated obligation in their mantra to do good in the community, he’s clear that humanity is the priority. That selflessness was on display during recent lockdowns, with the sales of their All Together Beer used to fund thousands of meals a week for unemployed hospitality workers in Melbourne. Yet not only are Paul, head brewer Jon Seltin and the team at Brick Lane a powerhouse for doing good, they are also doing a good job of combining ingredients to produce powerful flavours, as is the case in this juicy 6.7% Avalanche.

A result of Seltin’s hazy exploration of hops looking across the ditch, this is an awakening beer that would be right at home in the sensory experience of Everest Base Camp. Loaded with New Zealand's Motueka, Wai-iti, Riwaka – plus some strata from the US – the hops see a mix of tropical flavours coming to the fore, with a melon hit upfront followed by lime, green grape and a slightly herbal touch. Compared with many modern hazies, there's an avalanche of bitterness and a lush, full-bodied finish.

Whether you've battled avalanches to reach the roof of the world, or are currently battling a busted week, reflect as you drink this offering from the refreshment mountain on what life is truly all about