Next time life hits us with its lemons let's not limit ourselves or our mate to self-talk like 'just deal with it.' Instead, let's share one of these beers and talk about how difficult and shitty things really are.

Origin – Margaret River, South Australia

ABV – 3.5%

Size – 375mL can

Style – Lager

Despite being known as K-Y Jelly for the past 116 years, the go-to lubricant for snugglers and smugglers alike has changed its name in the UK at least. The maker said the rebranding and changing the name to Kynect reflects the company's 'freedom to connect' ethos and appeal to so-called 'sex neglectors': people with little time for intimacy. With the global movement that's grown from Black Lives Matters protests in the US over the past decade finally reaching our shores and the local beer community, a local beer company has also seen the need to change its name to reflect its ethos.

Having inherited the name from the founders when they purchased the brewery, the current owners determined the use of the 'Colonial' and the impact colonisation had on First Nations people in Australia needed to be addressed. Given that CBCo had been a long-time moniker of the brand, it didn't seem like a big deal to change it. Yet it sparked fierce, at times unpalatable, debate on social media.

Be that as it may, there's no dispute about what they have brought to the craft beer scene since launching in Margaret River’s wine region in 2004. Nor is there any contention about the sleek-looking cans or their contents that head brewer Ash Hazell still takes the time carefully hand-craft, both of which are on display in this recent addition to their core range. A crisp, ultra-sessionable lager, the Middy is perfect for those that want to take it a bit easier on alcohol and calories. The smooth malt profile driven by Munich and Crystal melds with a classic hop character serving up equal measures of sweet and bitter before finishing, thanks to the lagering process, crisp, clean and highly refreshing. As a nod to their progressive nature, the Middy cans also feature thermochromatic painted Lions that turn a light blue when the beer is sub 3 degrees and ready to drink.

Perhaps if those neglectors spent more time sipping this Middy and less time getting sassy, they might have more time for sex!