Fair-weather friends are easy to come by, but where are they when the chips are down? Yet it’s in the difficult times when we need them by our side, even if they can't do it literally. Here’s the perfect lubricant for sitting beside a mate and reminding him that you're here for the long haul.

Origin – Carrum Downs, Victoria
ABV – 6.5%
Size – 355mL can
Style – NEPIA

Father and son combinations make for some fantastic duos. Just look at Jerry and Ben Stiller, Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch, Donald and Eric Trump, and Kevin and Dan Dainton. Maybe I'm wrong about the Trumps, but I'm spot on when it comes to the Murdochs, whose net worth exceeds USD 14.8 billion. And the Stillers? You need to look no further than Zoolander, which despite being released two weeks after the September 11 attacks still grossed $60 million in box office sales.

I'm also confident I’m correct about the Daintons who have, among other silverware, a CBA Champion Beer medal in their bulging trophy cabinet.  Unlike the $100 million leg-up that Donald and Eric inherited from father Fred, Kevin and Dan have had to do it the hard way. In fact, the impetus for a future in brewing first started when Dan was fired from a job by his uncle and received a homebrew kit from his mum to cheer him up.

Fast forward a few years, a stint as a brewer at James Squire, followed by another at Holgate, and Dan was keen to give it a go himself. Convincing his father Kevin to join him as a business partner, the duo gypsy brewed their first beer in 2013. That beer, the Red Eye Rye, was quickly added to James Halliday's 5-star beer listing and instantly became an overnight success. It was the break they needed to set about building their own brewery. And when the dust finally settled on the brand new bar and brewery, it was time to work out how to pay the bills! A task they achieved by following in the footsteps of the Red Eye and focusing on hoppy and off-the-wall offerings.

It's a mold that still fits snugly over this bold and hazy New England style IPA. Courtesy of the fruits presumably sourced from the jungle, this juice packs plenty punch. Yet despite the upfront brashness of the tropical fruits and juicy citrus, the softness of mouth feel provides the perfect balance. Not surprisingly, there’s a twist in the tail, with a finish that’s equal parts bitterness and brekkie juice like tartness.

It’s no Orange Mocha Frappuccino, but it’s so hot right now!