Bob Hawke etched in history the 'Golden Microphone', and he hit the nail on the head – a beer in hand is the perfect instrument for conversation. So, grab this microphone, grab a mate and get talking.

Origin – Traralgon, Victoria
ABV – 6.1%
Size – 440mL can
Style – Red IPA

Women marvel at how men deal with everything from emotions to sex (lucky Mrs Craft Beer Coopery!) - to their penchant for sport and beer. And the men? Well, many of us are just trying to figure out why our wives and girlfriends want their problems heard, recognised and heard again, yet need no solution despite us having one readily available! Twenty years after Dr John Gray boxing up all the answers in his ground-breaking book 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,' us men are still left baffled.

While I'm not sure about his position on feelings, fornication and football, Jimmy Krekelberg, the founder of Good Land Brewing, is very transparent about his stance on an excellent frothy. As any keen observer will have noticed, since opening the doors of his Latrobe Valley taproom in mid-2021, Jimmy has been wowing beer pundits with some of the country's most whimsical and wonderful craft beers. Yet fame has been anything but instant. Rewind the clock to 2010, and you'll find Jimmy working as a mechanical engineer with a love for brewing who, as that decade began, had started looking seriously into how he could switch careers and launch a brewery in his backyard. Recognising that he lacked ability and investment, Jimmy looked overseas, spending half a decade working with Edinburgh's Stewart Brewing and the much-loved De Molen Brouwerij in the Netherlands.

Yet as seen in this masterful red IPA, Jimmy's long journey to open his own brewery taught him a fair bit! Brewed on International Woman's Day, this Woman on Mars limited release was made with a proprietary blend of hops chosen by the Pink Boots Society, including Loral, Ekuanot and HBC 586. The result is big floral, citrus, tropical and stone fruit aromas, backed up by a red malty base full of caramel, biscuit and a touch of cherry.

At 6.1% and a few standard drinks per can, just be careful to avoid brewer's droop should your better half change her mind about needing that solution!