Short stories and tall tales about some of the craftiest beers you'll find from around Australia.
Some time ago I wrote Volume 1 of this book. My aim wasn’t to countdown the top 50 or to pull together my best of best list. No, you see for me any beer that lubricated a conversation got my nod. Rather, it was series of short stories and tall tales about some of the craftiest beers you could find from around Australia.
I was astonished at how popular the book became. The eBook was viewed online over 50,000 times and almost 1,000 hard copies were sold. It seemed only appropriate to take a look at another fifty. 
Enjoy the read.
Trevor - Founder of the Craft Beer Coopery

"Another beautiful example of what makes the craft beer industry great – good people who genuinely care for each other and the people in the community."

Ryan Davidson – Little Bang

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