Why are some blokes more likely to open up to taxi driver? Rather than let our mates share with strangers, let’s assure them that it is ok for them to tell us they’re not ok. It’s true that oils ain’t oils, so here’s a perfect liquid to lubricate those conversations.

ORIGIN. Reservoir, Victoria
ABV. 4.6%
SIZE. 375mL can
STYLE. Extra Pale Ale

Most of us never realised there was a time when beaches, beers and bronzed Aussies didn’t go foot in thong. But before the summer of 1907, getting the thongs off and the togs on in daylight hours and hitting the beach was likely to get you locked up. Fortunately, common sense finally prevailed, and the laws were relaxed. Not only did the masses take to the coast to cool off sans clothes, most were also sans any knowledge on how to swim! Preventing what would have otherwise been inevitable, volunteer groups of men were quickly trained in life-saving methods and began patrolling the beaches to look after public safety. And although Clubbies have been pulling up the wedgy before a blast in the surf boat for well over 100 years now, there’s still some debate between Manly Surf Life Saving Club, Bronte Surf Life Saving Club and Bondi Surf Bathers’ Lifesaving Club as to which one was Australia’s first club.

There’s no debate however when it comes to knocking the top off a cold one when the patrol is done, the flags are packed, and the sun is setting. Whether you’re a Clubbie or you just love a good day on the sand, what better way to wash the salt out of the throat than with a beer that reminds you of the flags you’ve just swum between.

As for what the X stands for in this Hawkers XPA, I’d say it’s the eXtra. It is something owner and founder of Hawkers, Mazen Hajjar, has always believed in. From his first foray into the craft beer scene, Maz has been all about giving it that little bit extra. It was how he forged the foundation stone of his first brewery, 961 Beer, in the Middle East in 2006 as the bombs rained down on Hezbollah. Similarly, he wasn’t afraid to get the hands dirty when founding this Australian-based brewery Hawkers Beer – Maz literally built a distribution network by hawking crates full of beer bottles door to door! In this drop, that little bit extra starts with the tropical fruit punch on the nose, while a few extra hops deliver a solid resinous bite in the mouth. Layer both with fruit and floral characters, balance it with a sweet backbone, and you’ve got a bright and refreshing beer perfect for consuming while laying back in the budgies.

I’ve got it on authority from the captain of Bondi Surf Bathers’ Lifesaving Club that they’ve finally been recognised as the first club. Word is that it was determined by a boat race, not on the water, but instead in the clubhouse using a few XPA’s!