It’s the aim that counts. Rather than aiming to simply quench the thirst, let’s use this weapon with the intentional aim not to end but rather to save a life.  

Origin – Wangara, Western Australia

ABV – 6.0 %

Size – 375mL can

Style – Indian Pale Ale

We all have those embarrassing moments where our brains malfunction, and we say the wrong thing that's very similar to the right thing. But most of us are fortunate not to do it on national television. Not so Andrew Dade, surveyor and dad from Sydney. Fulfilling his lifelong dream to make the cut on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? he gets a relatively simple question for $2000. And then poor Andrew confuses an African warrior with the singer of 'I'm Every Woman' on prime time! To be clear, Shaka Zulu was the legendary and fearsome king of Southern Africa's Zulu warriors, while Chaka Khan, on the other hand, is the legendary, Grammy Award-winning Queen of Funk.

Though he's never made one on TV, Jason Marais, who founded Impi Brewers along with his wife Bron and their extended family, has made plenty of gaffs. ‘Making mistakes is just part of starting any business', Jason tells me. 'Fortunately enough, when I've made them, I've been surrounded by people that have helped me get out of trouble'. Impi, Jason goes on to share, is a Zulu word commonly referring to a group of Zulu warriors. ‘For us, Impi represents strength in numbers and working together’. Indeed, Impi wouldn't exist today without the support of family and friends – Jason's dad helped build the brewery, his mum pulled beers at festivals, his brother developed the website, and his wife Bron has turned her science and public policy background to the role of sales and marketing.

First making waves at the 2018 Perth Royal Beer Show, it wasn't until early 2021 that Impi found a location to call home. Starting as a quality control chemist, Jason's passion for precision is as influential in his brewing as his South African heritage. At the taproom, housed directly inside the operating brewery, you can still find Impi's launch beer, the Rooibos Saison – Rooibos is a native African herbal tea – along with others, including this South African IPA. Brewed with South African hops, things kick off with earthy hits of guava and grapefruit before a big malt body chimes in. There's a mild bitterness to finish things off, working with the 6% ABV to create something sweet and warming.

I remember one morning telling my best friend I'd been having really erotic dreams instead of erratic ones! We still laugh about it as we shared this unique IPA together.