Much like a shipwreck, we can sink in life too. Rather than choosing to drink this alone, and save yourself so to speak, share one with a mate as you figure out what to do to ensure you both get to the lifeboats.

Origin – Bridgewater, Tasmania
ABV – 4.3%
Size – 375mL can
Style – Pale Ale

I'm not sure if this gambler was on a train bound for nowhere, but someone gave the founder and owner of Moo Brew some advice somewhere along the way, as David Walsh has done a little better than break even. Looking at his journey, it seems Walsh has found more than just an ace he could keep! As outlined on the brewery's website, the tale goes that the self-professed gambler from Tasmania travelled overseas, got drunk, found a weird beer bottle he liked and decided to build a brewery to fill it. He then returned to Tassie and built said brewery - end quote.

That was 2005. Not one to do things by half, Walsh then decided to create the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) to house his brewery – filling it with the largest privately funded collection of artworks in the southern hemisphere. Given the popularity of MONA and the volume of beer Moo Brew has sold over the past decade, it’s a gamble that’s paid off. Not that anyone should be surprised. With the combination of excellent craft ales by head brewer Jack Viney poured from uniquely designed bottles and cans featuring exclusive artwork by Australian artist John Kelly, it was always going to be a winning hand. Yet having a history of success doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels, and in 2021 a desire to innovate and do things a bit differently saw Walsh and the team create a sibling brand to the broader Moo range.

BREW by Moo Brew is a sub-brand that's probably best understood when you know the 'Don't Overthink It' tagline. In other words, the line-up is about sessionable beers that you can repeatedly return to. The series launched with a humble lager before, in early 2022, being joined by this Tassie Ale. Notwithstanding the plain red can is a far cry from the distinctive bottles of goodness and swanky artwork that have been used exclusively since inception, the impressive drinking quality is just the same. Suitable for craft aficionados and everyday drinkers alike, the Tassie Ale is an easy-drinking beer with a restrained hit of tropical fruit from the hops, a slight bready note from the malt, and a crisp finish with almost no accompanying bitterness.

Whether you're looking for a beer to share with Kenny Rogers or your mate Kenny, don't fold on this one!