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'Share' Package. A Gift To Share Together When You're Not Together

$149.95 $162.95

To help share a beer and a chat together when you're not together, we’ve knocked up this pair of Gift Convo Crates to create a perfect connection. Ensuring that you have the best lubricant to craft a remote conversation, our Share Package includes:

  • One box for you and another for your mate
  • Each box contains nine hand-selected independent craft beers
  • A beer snack each, such as beef jerky or nuts
  • Tasting notes packed full of tall tales about each beer in the box
  • Man Anchor #Letstalk beer coasters

Gift a Beer. Save a Life.

NOTE. Shipping for the second box is free. Please, however, in the 'Add Gift Note' section (it's after you add the product to the cart), include your father's shipping address, along with a short note of love for your dad.

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